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Our Story

Nestled in Cedar Falls, just outside the historic downtown limits, is the luxurious John Charles Salon.


The salon is truly a reflection of it's founders, Travis J. Ford and Brent C. Kriener. Their brand setting style; a welcoming and hip environment, inspires and caters to its clientele.

The salon has a minimalist, loft-like design, that is distinctly unique. The cozy modern space has an intimate, yet airy, feel.

Each of our services are tailored to our client's personality and style. While enjoying a cup of John Charles "Beauty Bean Coffee," our dynamic and creative team provide an inspiring, relaxed experience, offering the latest in hair trends.

Hours of Service

Monday 11-8


Tuesday 11-8


Wednesday 11-8


Thursday 11-8


Friday & Saturday Special Requests Only


Closed Sundays

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